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Wedding Hall

Hey There,

Our mission is to seize every moment of your wedding day. Weddings are truly unique, and our commitment is to help you cherish every intricacy. Rest easy, as we won't overshadow your professional photos or videos; we're here to complement them. Trust us to capture the essence of your day, so you can let your guests fully immerse themselves in the celebration. We'll swiftly craft shareable content for your social media, ensuring you can relive the magic. Our goal is to encapsulate every heartfelt moment, curating timeless content for sharing with your loved ones and beyond. From serene morning scenes to the unforgettable kiss and that first dance, we'll create an assortment of content that encapsulates those cherished memories.

All About Me

Hey there, I'm Vanessa, and I've been crafting lifestyle and business content for as long as I can remember. My passion has evolved, and I've fallen head over heels for weddings. Consider me your personal content creator, dedicated to capturing those enchanting moments that will etch your big day in memory.

No worries about guests lost in their phones, overshadowing your professional photos. I'll gently nudge them to embrace the present, while I seize all the joyful views!

And guess what? You won't have to wait to relive those cherished moments. With me at your side, your wedding content can hit the virtual world within 24 hours. No more long waits for those photos and videos.

Amidst the wedding whirlwind, I'm there to seize every magical instant, big or small. Whether it's a spontaneous smooch or a trendy TikTok dance, I've got you. Think of me as your wedding confidante, crafting memories that'll stand the test of time!



Be Mine

  • Consultation Call

  • 6 hours of on-site coverage

  • 1 edited short form video

  • Hundreds of raw footage in 12-15 hours

  • Hundreds of raw photos in 12-15 hours


  • Consultation Call

  • 10 hours of on-site coverage

  • 3 edited short form video

  • Hundreds of raw footage in 12-15 hours

  • Hundreds of raw photos in 12-15 hours

  • Instagram stories take over at discounted rate

Love Club

  • Consultation Call

  • 12 hours of on-site coverage

  • 5 edited short form video

  • Hundreds of raw footage in 12 hours

  • Hundreds of raw photos in 12 hours

  • Instagram stories take over 

  • Groom coverage at discounted rate

Extra Magic

After Hour Coverage

Eyeing a package but craving more coverage? We're all in for that extra time! Extend your experience with our additional hours add-on – whether you want us to linger late or start the party early.

Additional Edited Videos

Liking a package but craving more edited videos? We're all about that!

Instagram Stories Take-over

No need to lift a finger on your special day. While you're immersed in the moment, I'll handle real-time story posts, keeping your beloved followers in the loop.

Grooms Coverage

Bringing in extra assistance (male) to capture all the groom's "locker room" moments while I focus on capturing the bride's special memories. Your day, perfectly covered from both angles.

8 Hour Delivery

Can't wait for your photos and videos? Scratch that itch with our speedy 8-hour delivery option!

More Events?

Curious about additional celebrations? Inquire today for special discounts on multiple occasions – we're eager to be there for all your memorable moments.


Additional travel and accommodation expenses may be relevant. If you think this might be applicable to your circumstances, don't hesitate to get in touch!


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